About This Project

Baketown is the project of Berlin-based artist and producer, Noah Becker.  In May 2017, Noah took on the lease of a two-floor garage in Schöneberg (Berlin) and over the summer has converted it into a recording studio, art studio, live venue and overall creative hub.

The space has become a meeting point for a circle of multidisciplinary artists based in Berlin as well as for artists stopping by the German capital. The spirit of the space naturally promotes both collaboration and creativity; bringing together artists across all genres to work with one another to create music and art that thrives off of organic connection. The space influences the art and the art influences the space.

Through developing the space and building a community of diverse artists, Baketown came to life as a creative collective that prides itself on being built by artists, for artists.

In creating Baketown, Baketown Records was born and aspires to be a strong foundation and resource for the music that is created not only within the collective but for artists who resonate with the vision of Baketown. The uniqueness of Baketown Records is the idea that the material is both recorded and released in almost real time by the artists at this incredibly unique space, giving it a very organic feel.   

This summer, Noah and his band Bakery recorded original collaborative tracks with many different artists, including; Alice Phoebe Lou, Swizz Beatz, Che Lingo, James Hersey, OLMO and he has new collaborations in the works which will be released on Baketown Records in the coming future.