Bryan Kessler

About This Project

Highly idiosyncratic and fairly unpredictable, a Kessler jam is almost always a pretty kinetic affair, infusing the electronic flow with a well-needed dose of snotty punk rock and his slightly questionable behaviour holding an SM57 in one hand and a drumstick in the other – a strategy that finds its most accomplished application on his latest album “New Feel” that enables Kessler to take the conventional DJ set to a live escapade.

Following energetic releases on underground labels such as Coméme, Get Physical, LIKE Records, Low Hanging Fruit and more recently Jackmaster’s Numbers imprint, Bryan Kessler’s latest full-length “New Feel” presents a booty shaking, action-packed selection of slow-motion mutant disco belters and riff-ready stadium synth tunes.

From opening belter “Trippin On You” to the refined band of cuts like “Find A New Friend” and “Punching On My Chest”, Kessler’s non-conformist, genre-bending approach to dance music is showcased in full force, albeit with a new focus: never before has the producer’s own voice been so pivotal for driving the momentum and tweaking the elation.

Clearly, Kessler, the vocalist has been present before, but mostly used as a sound effect – now, we’re dealing with full-blown songs like cowbell rocker “Ra-Orkons Crib”, catchy synth melodrama “A Better Life” or the introspective title cut, a rare example for a powerful electro ballad. Flush with surprising twists and turns, this album is a true maniac’s labour of love – and positions Bryan Kessler as a creative force of nature on the rise.