Danya Vodovoz

About This Project

Danya Vodovoz launched his career in 1998 after being heavily infected by the electronic music movement. In search of new ideas, different sounds and textures, he decided to quit his classical studies. Seeing music as a whole made it impossible for him to draw the line at any particular style.

Since 1999, Danya Vodovoz has produced for Germany’s well-known sampling company, Ueberschall. During 2001 through 2005, Danya collaborated closely with Ferry Ultra, Mousse T. and Cuban singer-songwriter Raul Paz.

His EP Serotonin, was released in 2008 by the Deep House label, Night Drive Music. Danya followed with an album in 2009 called Mantra. Serotonin was featured in the top 10 of the Miss Kittin Beatport charts in 2011. Danya Vodovoz will be presenting two albums at the end of 2017 and recently released the first single, “Jezabel” via FAME Magazine.