In My Days

About This Project

“Invisible” is the first single from the long-awaited debut album “Dream Out Loud” by trio In My Days. Both the single and the album were produced in the renowned Boogie Park Studios, Hamburg, in collaboration with Alex Henke, Patrick Pyke Salmy, and Ricardo Munoz.


The indie-pop sound of In My Days invoke that certain feeling found only at the start of an exciting journey. Childhood friends Dennis Zwickert (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Charly Schröder (bass, synthesizer, vocals) and Tino Finke (drums, samples) work at any given moment on their music, creating danceable songs with honest lyrics that reconstruct feelings and stories from everyday life. The band received their first big media attention with debut single “This Is Love”, which made it as a TV trailer and various spots on Germany’s X-Factor. After more than 300 national and international concerts and three published EPs, the trio is on the hunt for something new.