Wolf & Moon

About This Project

Stefany and Dennis met by chance at a house party in the Netherlands. Shortly after meeting, Stefany and Dennis journeyed across the US on a full tour with only a small traveling guitar and a Casio keyboard.

“Every journey becomes a frame in our memory, so the EP has become this collection of Frames. “Stones” is a good example; we were in Sweden for a couple of months working and making music and exploring the country. In the weekends, we often went wild-camping somewhere. One of those weekends, we couldn’t find a good spot to stay because all of the land was protected or owned by a hotel. We found this great house at a lake that looked abandoned. They had a huge garden at the waterside and we stayed there for the night. That’s where we wrote Stones.

‘we set our roof, here, just for while’.

The next day, the owner of the house came home and he kindly asked us to leave his property.”

Following the release of Frames, Wolf & Moon are developing a magazine to give a visual representation, an extension of the music.