The 22-year-old Belgian singer-songwriter Moli is releasing her highly anticipated mini-album‘Préface’ on 26th March via Embassy of Music.“‘Préface’ is the result of my musical journey over the last few years,” says Moli about her sophomore mini-album. And a journey it is indeed; from having written songs for some of the biggest names in Dance Music to exploring the worlds of pop and soul in her own music, Molidoesn’t shy away from taking inspiration from a diverse pool of genres and experiences. Having worked with many writers and producers has inspired the Berlin-based singer and helped her find and understand her creative vision. One of those collaborators is the American producer Chris Zane, who Moli met two years ago and has worked with ever since. “We clicked and I feel like he really understands my vision”, she says. Albeit catchy and groovy, Moli’s songs always carry a thoughtful message, often based on personal experiences. She sees writing as a way of dealing with those experiences, which is why including lyrics in the French language is of such big importance to the young singer. Born in Belgium and raised by British and South African parents, she grew up in a bilingual household speaking both English and French.
This fusion of French and English mixed with Moli’s self-reflective writing and catchy instrumentals makes ‘Préface’ a one of a kind musical experience. From the social media critic track ‘Jacuzzi’to ‘Insomnia’, where the Belgian singer deals with her unwillingness to drown in the mass during a sleepless night in London. “I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts about life and had a little existential crisis. I was in the studio the next few days and felt inspired by that experience among other sleepless nights and the nights where I have sleep paralysis to write ‘Insomnia’.”‘Préface’ features seven songs, including ‘Jacuzzi’ and ‘Shapeshifting’, which were released earlier this year.
Out now via Embassy of Music.
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