“Earth Odyssey”: A quick-release non-single that was not meant to be. Earth Odyssey was not supposed to be a “single”. It was intended to be, what the industry calls – an “album track”, waiting patiently until the release of the full album later this year.

“However – as it did for everyone – the world changed around me, beneath me and inside me in such a dramatic way, that it would be crazy not to react, as an artist, to the present situation. There was a plan. A meticulously detailed setup of singles, tours, photo-shoots, press releases and at the end of it all – an album. It was a good plan. But as my grandma used to say in Yiddish – Mensch tracht und Gott lacht. Man makes plans and God laughs. Our imagined sense of control has crumbled around us in an instant, drowning us in an ocean of uncertainty. Confined in little spaces, we are disconnected from most of the things we compulsively collected around us in order to give ourselves a sense of meaning. It’s scary and nerve-racking, but it is none the less a step closer to the truth. The truth that we all are, and always have been, helpless. Long before Covid-19 and long after it we were always just fragile bodies, slowly deteriorating, grasping around frantically to try to find meaning. We are intricate paintings drawn in the sand in the midst of a storm… a momentary defiance of entropy. All we can really do is hug ourselves and others in the process. Embrace that knowledge and not be terrified or crippled by it. Celebrate it. Create finite beauty and structure amidst a turmoil of infinite chaos and uncaring. After all, that is the essence of Humanity. The ability to acknowledge an unmovable truth but to still dare to oppose it. It is our own personal Odyssey. An earthly one. A human one.” Asaf Avidan

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