GREYSKIES is the pseudonym of Icelandic artist Steinar Baldursson. The 25 year old singer/songwriter/producer found success in his home country Iceland at a young age but decided to start a new project from scratch after stepping away from the spotlight and focusing on writing music he connected with. Blending alternative rock production with pop songwriting and often dark lyrics to form a type of dark pop and stadium-ready rock that few have the courage to create. In a time of restlessness and anxiety, finding a more fitting soundtrack would be almost impossible.

“Numb” is GREYSKIES’ debut single from his upcoming album in the summer of 2021. The second single will be released in late January

His album titled “The Mind Is Like The Moon” brings all the anxiety and restlessness of his 24 years on earth into the sort of dark pop and stadium-ready rock that few have the courage to create. With his ability to blur the lines between rock, pop and soul, the album consists of 11 powerful tracks that take you on a journey that is bound to capture all your emotional highs and lows. 

GREYSKIES on his debut single Numb: “When I wrote Numb I wanted to describe what I was observing at the time. Everyone talks or sings about being anxious or depressed yet the culture right now glorifies drug abuse and running from your problems rather than facing them head on. I started writing the chorus and as soon as I blurted out the lyrics, the rest of the song came together quickly. It might be an honest observation of a dark situation, but it’s still a sing along anthem that I love to perform.”