Following her brassy and audacious single ‘I Shut Down’, Maryland-born experimentalist Alex Rapp releases trippy music video on 2 June via Fluctua Records, a kaleidoscopic depiction of a female protagonist’s (Rapp) transformation from passive compliance to active participation. Comfortably seated at the back of a car watching the sun go down, having put someone else – a mysterious driver who stays off screen throughout the video – in charge of navigating her through dreary landscapes, she is overcome by a sudden urge to exit the vehicle with cataclysmic consequences.

Compared to the single’s themes – the balancing act between desire and fear – the music video brought out a different aspect of the song that hadn’t occurred to Rapp during the writing process. “Growing up my household was chaotic in some ways and so my reaction to it was completely shutting down and isolating,” Rapp describes her childhood memories. “And so, in this moment of chaos, there’s so much happening around but you’re completely still, you know, kind of protecting yourself this way, just shutting down and not letting anyone else in.”

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