KIDSØ are set to release their newest single, “Freya”, on May 26th. The track is packed with driving electronic beats, organic sounds, live drums and a melancholic voice reminiscent of the sound that defined their debut EP “Apart” or tracks like “Father” and “Finja”. Working on “Freya” was an exhilarating experience for the band. After a period of slowing down with tracks like “Breathing” or “Fir” during the pandemic, the new track comes with an irresistible electronic drive, strong beat and analogue synth sound.

The duo is also excited to announce their partnership with Embassy One (Monolink, Björk, Moby), who will be releasing “Freya”. This collaboration marks a new milestone for the two band members, providing them with even more opportunities to showcase their talents and creativity. Fans of electronic music won’t want to miss out on “Freya”!

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