Following the fresh, organic house cut ‘Rollin’’ and right on time for the all the lovers of the low end at clubs and festivals, enigmatic producer outfit ÅNDfØLK (after a Proto-Scandinavian word ‘ånd’ for spirit) featuring Deanna Leigh discover their drug of choice on the new melodic techno slammer ‘My Favourite Kind’, out on Caramel Records 21 July. Electronic duo with close to 100K followers on Spotify, ‘My Favourite Kind’ illustrates ÅNDfØLK’s sixth sense for alternating between tension and release. Weaving Leigh’s surreal vocals into a smooth yet strong texture of abrasive, brassy stabs, and glistening pads, the song keeps building up towards one monsterly aggressive drop.

‘Hello my love, it’s been a while / I’m back and you know I know my drugs / But you’re my favourite kind and I never can give you up’.

From start to finish, making ‘My Favourite Kind’ was a labour of love, an all-out effort in creating something unique. “We actually wrote this song three times,” ÅNDfØLK reveals. After laying down a version based on the initial melodic idea, ÅNDfØLK scrapped it because the song felt too commercial. “We then made it again in a much more classic melodic techno way, we would say, and it was a very strong song.

And yet it clearly wasn’t strong enough for them, a testament not only to their work ethic but also the production values. “And so, we basically went back to the drawing board again.” Third time lucky, in the end they did manage to capture the essence of the song. “It was more distinctive and more of a journey” ÅNDfØLK reckons. “And in doing so we’ve managed to build something that is much more unique and special to us.

“We love when a song’s giving enough oomph but at the same time it gives you the release and the breath.” – ÅNDfØLK

For ÅNDfØLK, the song’s uniqueness comes down to the solid structure and continual evolution throughout. “What’s a little bit different with we do is, the second drop is so different to the first drop, and that creates a bit more of a journey.” ÅNDfØLK concludes.

Watch ‘My Favorite Kind’ video:

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