After ‘The Kid And The Planes’ and ‘Zig Zag’, the French Electro producer NTO unveils the tense “Invisible”, new single from his upcoming album. This track will be released alongside a music video directed by Jean Charles Charavin (Incendies Films).

“This track is for all those who already felt « Invisible » in the eyes of the world. The whole atmosphere is inspired by the idea of a drop out and introverted teenager who is unconsciously looking for this one person who will make him feel « visible », true to himself, alive. The melody is at the same time very melancholic and full of hope as it definitely lies on a powerful dancefloor rhythmic. Throughout the track, it evolves in various chapters that symbolize the different states this « Invisible » goes through.” NTO

NTO is about to start a new chapter of his career. His desire is to let his instincts speak as if he was filled with “something he can’t control”. The Mediterranean Sea being his intimate horizon, he wants to explore the depth of his music. With deep basses and lysergic harmonies, he filters different layers of his melodies to make them sparkle even more, just as if they emerged from the water after hitting rock bottom.

“There’s an inexplicable dimension to life and I need to fill that void with music”. Isn’t it the essence of techno music after all, a magical creative outlet that allows us to face the world’s collision together? ANTOINE DABROWSKI

“NTO visualizes loneliness and feeling unseen in the brilliant ‘Invisible’” is the title of the feature written by Michael Marotta for Vanya Land.

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