Julius Lahai

Julius Lahai really used his 15 minutes of success, when he participated as a 7 year old in a television talent show in Libera. It kickstarted his career as an extraordinary musician and entertainer. Only five years after his first perfomance, Julius Lahai toured as a teenager with his own founded boygroup “The Robotics” through Liberia.

There he experienced many different music styles, which took influence in his music until today. His first record deal Julius Lahai made in Paris in 1994. Since then he decided to perform the most of his time in Europe.

Today Julius Lahai is not only a musician, he also examined as choreographer, and is a passionated dancer and entertainer. Further he composes all his songs himself in the real and passionated old-school way. In summary you can say, Julius Lahai is a really extraordinary musician, dancer and entertainer, putting all his heart in an performance you’ll never forget. From 2021 on, Julius Lahai starts to use his great experience and knowledge of music and the music business to produce chosen very talented and promising music artists.

In March 2022 he released the first Single – Sweet Sound – of his upcoming Album. The Album will release together with a further Single soon.

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