For many people, the feeling of exclusion and hopelessness is unfortunately part of life. especially in Germany everyday racism is a problem, that is often concealed. when looking for a place to live, at a job interview, in a supermarket, or on the street. if you do not have the “right” skin color, it can quickly become ugly. Adi Amati knows this feeling. and she wrote a song about it. Well, no, she has written the song that gives you the courage never to be beaten down. promised.” The clock runs” is the title of the talented young dancer Adrienne “Adi” Amati, who writes, sings, raps, and produces her songs. She lovingly crosses retro R&B vocals with contemporary afro-beats. She finds the space to carry messages with German-language texts into the world that affect us all—sometimes motivating, sometimes critical, but always reflective.

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